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The History of Gorman Machine
In 1950 Ken Gorman of Watertown MA worked for a small parts manufacturer out of a small 3 bay garage
A company named Holtzer-Cabot of Roxbury MA needed some coils to be wound for them, Ken took on the job when his employer did not express interest in the job. He designed a winding machine and wound coils for them as a subcontractor.

In 1951 he worked for General Electric of Lynn MA as a contractor where he contracted to design a coil winding machine for them given his previous experience in winding coils. He was paid $6000.00 for that first machine.

In 1952 Ken left GE and decided to go on his own and bid on a job where he was awarded the contract to wind coils for Holtzer-Cabot at 50 cents per coil out of a garage of a friend of his. Soon he had a check for $25,000 for his first major job and he had the funds to expand his business.
Ken in 1952 in front of the 1st Gorman garage
Although Gorman Machine Corp has its roots as a coil winding contracting business it evolved into being a dedicated manufacturer of coil winding machines. The machines were improved upon due to the original needs of the business to have a quality machine which could provide consistent results.
Randolph facility in 1955
  Ken opened his first major manufacturing facility in Randolph MA in 1953.  

Randolph facility in 1962
Randolph facility in 1962
Ken in Fullerton, CA in 1969
In the late 60ís he made a move to California but the economy went into recession so he moved his operations back to MA.
  In 1979 Ken had a new facility built in the Industrial Park in Brockton MA.
Ken in 2009 at the Brockton Facility
Middleboro facility
  New location, Middleboro, MA. 2014

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