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Unlike several of our major competitors, we donít need to Re-Shore our American manufacturing jobs, we never Off-Shored them.

Our longtime American workers at Gorman Machine Corp have over 200 years of cumulative experience.
Ken Gorman: Company founder, 63 years   Dan Gorman: President, 43 years
Ken   Dan
Jim Rozelle: Electronics Dept, 37 years   Michael Mann: Shuttle Dept & Sales, 38 years
Jim   Mike
Peter Bonaparte: Machine Shop, 24 years   George Sarakiniotis: Assembly Dept, 6 years
Peter   George
Diane Gorman: Office, 6 years   Rosemary Basson: Sales, 6 years
Diane   Rosemary
Robby Gorman: Office, 6 years   Michael Basson: Shuttle Dept, 4 years
Robby   Michael
Stefanie Gorman: Office, 4 years   Linda Sabino: Machine Shop, 1 year
Stefanie   Linda
Claudia Plasse: Office, 1 year   Ludy Resendes: Office, 1 year
Stacey   Ludy
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