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Star Winder PT
This is our new Star Winder PT winding machine. PT stands for powered tailstock.

The newly designed Star Winder PT was created due to a request from several of our customers.

They needed to be able to rotate a tensioned wire mandrel from both ends to prevent twisting of the mandrel.

Although their purpose was to wind tiny heater core coils, this same method is also used to wind similar coils such as those used for medical catheters.

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You can see there is a drive shaft which transmits power to the opposing chuck.
This allows for the coordinated rotation of both ends of the wire mandrel under power.

The source spool of kanthal heater core wire is mounted on a constant tension dereeler device which is mounted directly to the traverse assembly.
The source spool traverses at the same rate as the coil as it is wound.
This allows the source kanthal wire to maintain a narrow angle to the mandrel wire

The demonstration machine is configured to wind a coil as long as 24 inches. The coil length can be a long as 39 inches with an optional extended traverse housing.

After the mandrel wire is fastened to the hand tightened drill chuck, a toggle switch operates an air cylinder which pulls the tailstock back to place tension on the mandrel wire between the two chucks.

When the coil is finished winding the toggle switch is again operated to push the tailstock in which releases tension on the mandrel wire so that the finished heater core coil can be slid off of the mandrel.

The machine can easily be converted to winding coils that only need a single powered spindle if winding needs change.
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