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Star Winder NT
(Simplex Replacement)
Gorman Machine Corp introduces the new Star Winder NT. NT stands for No Traverse.
The Simplex Model which has been a very popular hand guided coil winding machine for decades is being discontinued. This is due to the Taily 110 CNC Controller being discontinued by the Manufacturer.

We realized we could make a very efficient replacement for the Simplex machine by just taking our standard Star Winder machine and making a hand guided version.

The housing for the traverse mechanism has been removed and we are using the same Machine Housing Casting and CNC Controller the standard Star Winder uses. And we have found an easy way to configure the CNC controller to disable the traverse mechanism creating a machine that is easily hand guided.

All the operator needs to do is program the number of turns desired and any startup or slow down turns along with high speed and low speed settings and the machine is ready to go. The parameters for Starting Point, Width and Wire Diameter need to be set to zero and it works just fine for hand guiding.

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The Star Winder NT comes standard with the Foot Switch. The new Bodine motor is the same 3/4 HP motor that is used on the Star Winder along with the accessories such as the Tailstock Assembly. The machine is still rated for up to 12 AWG wire.

By eliminating all the extra parts required to produce two different looking machine models we become more cost efficient and can keep pass along the savings to our Customers.

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