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Spin Winder
The Spin Winder is the production equivalent of up to four single spindle machines, and all in a
convenient package just 22 inches (559mm) wide.

Conventional coil winding machines rotate the bobbin or coil form, pulling the wire onto the
bobbin. The Spin Winder holds the form stationary, and spins the wire onto the bobbin with a winding flyer.



In production for 4 decades,

The Spin Winder is now CNC Controlled.

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Video   Features
  • Flexibility: Stationary bobbin allows simple tooling, economical and rapid change to new setups, in
    addition to its high speed production capability.
  • Dual head operation: Two separate turret heads allow two coils to be wound simultaneously while
    the operator removes finished coils. New bobbins can be rotated into position immediately after the
    previous coils are wound. With the bobbin stationary, the problem of taping down taps before
    proceeding with the next wind is eliminated.
  • Wide bobbin range: The machine will handle bobbins up to 2 (64mm) in diameter and
    up to 5 (127mm) in length.
  • Wide wire range: Smooth winding action handles wire sizes from #24 to the finest.
  • No loss of operator time: While two bobbins are winding at high speed the operator may tape,
    remove and replace the two bobbins that have just been completed. No waiting time for the operator.
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