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Productor II Toroid Winder
Heavy Duty Drive

Dual Preset Counters Available

Instantly Removable Shuttles

360˚ Core Rotation

Front Loading or Optional

Overhead Dereeler with

Wire Cutter

Up to 2000 turns per Minute

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Video   Features
  • Four Inch and Six Inch Precision Winding Heads
    Accommodates wires from 18 AWG to 42 AWG.
  • Wide Core Size Range
    Using the four winding heads available, core sizes from .055 I.D. (1.40 mm) to 4 (101.6mm) can be wound.
  • Variable Speed
    Ball bearing four roller drive rotates the shuttle at speeds up to 2000 turns per minute using the 4 inch head.
  • Removable Shuttles
    Thirty-three sizes of easily removable precision shuttles permit a large variety of cores to be wound.
  • Jockey Stick Core Positioning
    The Entire core holder assembly may be moved back, forward, or sideways while the core is being wound -
    a Gorman Exclusive
  • Predetermined Counters
    Electronic counters guarantee accurate counting. Dual preset electronic counter standard equipment (one
    for loading, one for counting turns).
  • Core Rotation
    Three powered driving rollers insure positive rotation of the core through a variable speed range
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