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HDH CNC Winder Machine
The new GORMAN HDH CNC HAND WINDER is an all-in-one winding machine which will wind about any coil imaginable, depending on the ingenuity of the operator. Wires from the finest, to as heavy as number 4 AWG, are handled with equal ease with the two speed ranges and CNC Controller.

Although the HDH was originally designed with heavy wire in mind it is now well suited for winding fine wire due to the accuracy of the CNC Controller.

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  The primary advantage of the new CNC Controller is that it eliminates most of the trial and error setup time normally encountered while setting up winding parameters.

Proper winding parameters for the Controller can be methodically determined in a short time. A winding job can easily be duplicated for a future job run without having to fuss with adjustments.

The operator will soon appreciate the many convenience features. All controls are on the CNC Controller and the Front Panel within convenient reach of the operator.
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