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Coil Winding Service
Gorman Machine Corp will wind prototype coils to help determine if the particular model machine you are interested in is the best machine for your winding job.

The quantities and type of coil affect what model is best suited. If you will be winding high volumes you will want one of our multi spindle machines.

For Bobbin type coils, if the bobbin has a round inner hole for mounting it is relatively simple for us to make a winding arbor or Tooling as we call it. This Tooling will allow us to mount your bobbin onto the spindle shaft for winding your sample. For jobs like this we usually do not charge a fee for the Tooling or for winding several bobbins to prove the machine is capable.

If you have several bobbins with different wire sizes or number of turns that go on a bobbin that can fit on the same Tooling we can usually wind the different versions that we consider as part of a family of coils but if each bobbin needs a completely different Tooling piece made we must charge a fee.
For Bobbins with square or rectangular inner holes that makes it too labor intensive to make free Tooling for that type of bobbin. Unless we have something very close to what your bobbin needs we usually must charge a fee for the special Tooling.

When you send bobbins to us we need to get more than one or we will be rewinding it multiple times. If you can spare 5 to 10 bobbins it makes the testing process quicker.

We also need you to send us a spool of wire that will hold enough wire to complete the bobbins you send us.

Often customers send almost empty spools and we run out of wire before we can get a coil dialed in. Whatever wire is left we always return that to you with your finished samples.

If we have some spare wire in stock of the size you need wound we will let you know and use our wire to save you on shipping costs.

The policy for winding toroids is much the same and a bit simpler as we can just change the setup for different sizes of cores.
Once we wind a particular sample we can send it to you for examination. We also often take a video and post it to YouTube. We can make it unlisted so it stays private.

If the sample passes your inspection process we will not in most cases wind more samples without needing to charge extra. From our perspective we have done our job and proved the machine will work for your project.

If you need sample quantities larger than what we are willing to wind we can direct you to some Companies that use our different model machines to wind coils for others.

You are free to make a decision at any time if you are ready to purchase a winding machine and bring your job in house. At least you will be assured your coil will be wound properly if you use one of our customers who has the particular model you are interested in. This will help greatly with the learning curve.

We do not want to be seen as a competitor to our own customers who are contract winders so that is why we make our best effort to limit sample quantities for testing purposes.

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