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900P Toroid Winder
(Productor II Replacement)
Gorman Machine Corp introduces the new 900P Toroid Winder. P stands for Productor II which the machine will replace.

The Productor II model, which has been a very popular toroid winding machine for decades, has being discontinued. This is due to the custom motor becoming unavailable when it was discontinued by the Manufacturer.

We always had two models which did basically the same thing except the 900A offers Sector and Bank Winding.

We had been considering eliminating the Productor II machine for several years before the Motor issue as it was inefficient to produce two models which essentially worked the same way.

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Sidewinder CNC
Sidewinder CNC
We decided to modify the 900A Toroid Winder so that it would not have the Sector Winding capability. We removed the two expensive clutches that enabled the Sector and Bank Winding functions.

This reduces the manufacturing cost of the machine enough so we could have a replacement for the Productor II Model at close to the original price. By using the same chassis for both machines and other common parts we eliminated a lot of special parts that could only be used on the Productor II machines. This creates a savings and allows us to pass those savings along to the Customer.

The 900P operates very much like the Productor II. A Jog Motor comes included standard that also turns the Toroid Core counter clockwise. Counter clockwise core rotation is the preferred winding direction due to winding against the right side of the shuttle which gives you better quality windings.

If you ever need to change the default core rotation direction you could just order the machine that way or you would need to mount a Jog Gearmotor with a reverse direction One Way Clutch. And then flip a switch inside the machine to reverse the direction of the Gearmotor. There is also a lever on the reversible transmission that can be moved to reverse the rotation of the transmission output shaft.

When you buy a 900P we give you the 900A manual with the sections on sector Winding and Bank winding crossed out. That is how similar the two machines are to each other and you donít pay for the extra expense of having the Bank and Sector winding if you donít need them.
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