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900A Toroid Coil Winder
Heavy Duty Drive

Dual Preset Counters Available

Instantly Removable Shuttles

Automatic Sector Winding or Manually Controlled 360 CW or CCW Core Rotation

Front Loading or Optional Overhead De-reeler with Wire Cutter

Up to 2000 Turns per Minute

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Sidewinder CNC
Sidewinder CNC
  • Four" and Six" Precision Winding Heads
    Accommodates wires from 18 AWG to 42 AWG.
  • Wide Core Size Range
    Using the four winding heads available, core sizes from .055" I.D. (1.40 mm) to 4" O.D. (101.6mm) can be
  • Variable Speed
    Ball bearing four roller drive rotates the shuttle at speeds up to 2000 turns per minute using the 4" head.
  • Removable Shuttles
    Thirty-three sizes of easily removable precision shuttles permit a large variety of cores to be wound.
  • Jockey Stick Core Positioning
    The Entire core holder assembly may be moved back, forward, or sideways while the core is being wound
    a Gorman Exclusive.
  • Predetermined Counters
    Electronic counters guarantee accurate counting. Dual preset electronic counter standard equipment (one
    for loading, one for counting turns).
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