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Sidewinder CNC
Introducing our new Sidewinder CNC controlled edge wound flat wire winding machine

Gorman Machine has finalized the production model of the new Sidewinder edge winder.

This machine is built on the rugged and dependable HDH model chassis.

Modifications have been made to introduce pneumatic controls for pressing against the flat wire to hold it solidly as it is wound in an edge wise configuration.

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Sidewinder CNC

The end product is commonly used as an inductor. These coils have qualities that make them desirable as an alternative to round wire wound coils.

When round wire is wound in layers, the processes inherently leaves “air” or spaces between the turns, even a precision layered coil will not fully utilize the available coil space. However, when flat wire is wound in multiple layers, the wire shape is much more efficient at utilizing the given area, thus decreasing the amount of air, creating a much more efficient coil.

This also allows a much greater surface area to dissipate more heat than conventional winding techniques. Edge winding is used mainly in isolation transformers and inductors that have high load currents at lower voltages.

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