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Hustler Toroid Winder
The HUSTLER is a new concept in pull winder technique. Its advanced design with
TILT-UP HEAD for safety, along with adjustable automatic core rotation, makes it an
excellent production machine. All air cylinders and valves have their self contained
lubrication system for long life. New SET-UPS are easily and quickly made with all
adjustments on top.

More Toroids per Hour
Rapid Cycle time of better than a turn a
second in many cases.

Auto Rotation of Toroidal Coil with
Each Stroke

Eliminates tiresome manual turning of
core for each turn.

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Video   Features
  • Rugged Construction All parts overdesigned
    for a long, trouble free life.
  • Coils - to 2 (64mm) O.D. to as small
    as (6.4mm) O.D.
  • Wire Sizes To #12 AWG.
  • Quiet Operation Cushioned main air
    cylinder cuts noise to a minimum. Muffled
    air exhaust ports.
  • Two driven Core Rotators Positive core
    drive. Third, pressure idler roller is ball
    bearing mounted.
  • Adjustable Stepping of core rotators simply
    adjusted for wide range of wire sizes and
    spacing of turns.
  • Left or Right Core Indexing Instantly
    changed by lever. Perfect for Common Mode
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