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Coil Winding Service
Gorman Machine Corp will wind prototype and small to medium production runs of bobbin or toroid type coils in anticipation of future potential winding machine purchases.

Some potential customers such as startup companies, may not have the initial demand for the number of coils that would justify the expense of purchasing a coil winding machine.

Here at Gorman Machine we will help you make a smooth transition from low production numbers to higher production numbers when you will be in a better financial position to purchase a winder.

For customers interested in a future winding machine purchase, our small coil winding operation will allow both of us to be sure that the model of coil winder you purchase will be the best machine for the job you are winding.
You will know in advance that you made the correct choice.
We want to assure our customers who purchase our machines for winding coils as a dedicated business for other companies that we are not trying to take the larger jobs away from you using what could be considered an unfair advantage and want you to know we are aware of that concern.

Although we began 60 years ago as a coil winding company we are committed to being primarily a coil winding machine manufacturer.

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