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SuperStar Winder with Trio Controller
The new Trio Controller has the following Specifications:
  • 10 Trio HMI Color Touch Screen
  • Now with Servo Motors not Stepper Motors
  • Up to 20 Recipes with up to 28 Steps in a Recipe
  • Inches or Millimeter Programming
  • Standard Winding
  • Pyramid and Angle Winding
  • Variable Pitch Winding
  • Up to 6 Inches per revolution.
  • Programmable to 10 Million Turns and Traverse Distance only limited by Physical Machine.
  • Dwell Function for each side of a Coil.
  • Jog to Starting Position and then wind cycle from that new Home Position
  • Go Back motion by Jogging Traverse and Spindle backwards or by inputting X amount of turns to fix windings and then resume from that position.
  • Variable Speed Foot Pedal for optional override of the Programmed Speed.
  • Import/Export Function to Micro SD Card of Recipes.
  • Repeat a Step X amount of times using an incremental Shift value to save programming
Sidewinder CNC
Sidewinder CNC
Sidewinder CNC
Sidewinder CNC
Sidewinder CNC   Sidewinder CNC

The following new winding functions can be added or existing Winding Functions can be modified for particular needs:

  • Remote Programming and Communication with Controller to edit and send jobs to it.
  • Scatter Winding
  • Universal winding
  • Interlaced winding
  • Eventual integration with other Gorman Winding Models
Click Here to View/Download the Super Star Controler Brochure PDF with full features and specifications
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